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(Oct 2013) We have developed this policy because we want you to feel confident about the privacy and security of your personal information.

Who are we?

AXIO Data Group Holdings Limited operates a portfolio of market-leading information businesses. We serve customers in a range of sectors including: healthcare, aviation, forest products, intellectual property licensing, containerised trade and breakbulk services. Our product brands are recognised for quality and authority by the markets they serve. We operate in over 25 countries.

What websites are covered by this cookie policy?

This policy covers the usage of cookies on the following AXIO Data Group Holdings Limited administered websites:

What are cookies?

A web cookie, a commonly used data collection technology, is simply a piece of code which can be placed on the browser of your personal computer (“PC”) or mobile device and subsequently read as you visit a web site. A cookie may be a session cookie, that is, a cookie that remains on your browser while you are logged on to a particular web site and then disappears when you close your browser, or it may be a persistent cookie, a cookie that remains on your browser over a period of time. Information from a cookie may be collected and used in aggregate form. Or data may be collected into an individual profile or record. That individual record may either be unique but anonymous, or the profile can be linked with information that identifies you as an individual.

You can learn more about cookies, generally, at

How do we use cookies?

We may use cookies for a number of purposes:

Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics for determining visitor session, identifying unique visitors (number of visitors), tracking traffic source (from where visitors have come to site) and navigation (the pages they visited). We use this information to compile the report and improve the site. Click here for an overview of Google Privacy Policy,

You Tube – We may embed videos from You Tube/Our official You Tube channel. You Tube may set up cookie on your computer once you click on You Tube video in You Tube Player. More information can be found here –

  • We may use a limited number of cookies essential, to particular services you have requested, or, for security purposes. In particular, if you have registered for a site or use a customer portal we may use a cookie to authenticate the pc or mobile device that you are using.
  • We allow third parties to set analytics or performance cookies to collect and report aggregate information. These cookies provide reporting to us on an aggregate basis and so, do not identify you at all.  We use the aggregate reports to understand how our web sites are used and improve their usefulness to our audiences.
  • A number of cookies also support how our web sites function, identifying your pc or end device on a unique but anonymous basis.  These cookies may, for example, remember your language preferences or recognize an individual’s activity within a single session.

How you can control cookies?

The cookies we use are an accepted part of ecommerce and important to your use of our websites. Performance cookies allow us to understand our audiences as a whole and improve how our sites meet your needs and expectations. Many of the functional cookies are basic to how our sites and services work. The cookies we use for registration allow us to conduct our business online. Our sites and services, or parts of them, may not work properly without these cookies.

Your use of our websites indicates your consent to the cookies we have described in this Policy.
But if you should wish to revoke that consent, or any part of it, at any time, you may control cookies and third party ad targeting in the following ways.

Browser controls - Most modern browsers offer you ways to control or block cookies. These browser controls will usually be found in the “options’ or “preferences” menu.  For more help, you may take a look at the “Help” settings or review these websites for more details:

You can find more information or turn off targeting by member companies at YourOnlineChoices UK,

This Cookie Policy

If our use of cookies changes, we will post the changes to this policy.  Please check frequently as online data collection practices and our use of them continue to evolve.  To contact us about this policy, please contact us on