Leading Intellectual Property & Technology Services

Leading Intellectual Property & Technology Services

TechInsights is the global leader in intellectual property consulting, patent brokerage and technical reverse engineering. Trusted by over half of the world's top 50 US patent holders, TechInsights helps patent owners maximize the value of their patents through portfolio assessment, advising on strategic options, licensing and litigation support.

TechInsights' patent consulting and brokerage experts are able to enhance the value of clients’ IP assets due to the expertise of a patent-focused engineering team and an extensive proprietary database.

In the last couple of years, intellectual property and patents have experienced increased shareholder, media and public awareness. Market pressures, and successes from IP trail-blazers, have led more businesses to focus on the important role that their patent portfolios play in meeting their goals. TechInsights’ suite of IP services enables clients to manage their IP and align their patent portfolio with their business objectives.

TechInsights has trusted relationships with the global IP community developed over many years and boasts a network comprising of the largest patent holders in the world. Clients value TechInsights’ experienced, long-tenure team and an approach to complex projects that minimises client risk. The capability of handling large patent portfolios, consistency of analysis and comprehensive post-delivery support are hallmarks of TechInsights’ service.

TechInsights possesses the world's most comprehensive technical body of knowledge, gained from a quarter century of reverse engineering excellence in semiconductors, electronics and software. As manufacturers continue to consolidate technologies in new advanced devices, TechInsights has developed its analysis capabilities beyond integrated circuits to electronic systems, the software controlling them and the networks to which they connect.

TechInsights’ in-house team of process, circuit, systems & software experts are uniquely positioned to support complex interdisciplinary projects, understand cross-market potential and provide the answers clients need for confident decision making on products and patents.

TechInsights is a global firm with offices located near our customers. These include: Ottawa, Canada; Austin and San Jose, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Taipei, Taiwan; Seoul, Korea; Warsaw, Poland; Munich, Germany; Tel Aviv, Israel.

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TechInsights’ IP Services

  • Technology & Market Research
  • Patent Landscapes
  • IP-driven Strategy Development
  • Patent Improvement
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Prior Art Analysis
  • Target Assessment & Selection
  • Reverse Engineering–Evidence of Use & Claims Analysis
  • Licensing / Litigation Support
  • Patent Brokerage

TechInsights’ Scope of Technical Analysis

  • Structural and process
  • Circuit extraction and analysis
  • Packaging/PCB
  • Transistor characterization
  • Functional testing
  • Software analysis
  • Product teardowns
  • Costing/BOM

Products Analysed

  • Integrated circuits
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mobile devices
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive electronics
  • Client-side networking
  • Clean technologies
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