The Leading Information Provider for the Global Forest Products Industry

RISI is the most authoritative global source of forest products information and data. We have a comprehensive digital offering which helps provide understanding and insight for our customers in this growing market.

With over 150 expert industry professionals on our team, we supply the world’s most comprehensive and current data on supply and demand, pricing and costs to customers around the globe.

Our offerings include:

  • Price indices, industry trends, and news
  • Price forecasts and market analysis
  • Benchmarking of mill costs and capabilities

Our editors, economists and analysts specialize in gathering and analyzing data and reporting on information related to their markets. All RISI employees operate according to a rigorous code of conduct as well as a compliance and ethics policy. This practice, combined with our clear and transparent methodologies ensure that all RISI information is reliable and unbiased.

Our clients span the entire forest products industry, from forest floor to mill floor to sales floor – including pulp and paper, wood products, timber, tissue and nonwoven segments. RISI data are widely used for indexing of physical trade.

RISI has 10 offices globally in North and South America, Europe and Asia.


Find out more information: http://www.risi.com