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Trade Intelligence for International Logistics Professionals

JOC Group Inc. is the authoritative provider of business intelligence, data and events for trade, transportation and logistics professionals worldwide. Through its PIERS database and authoritative JOC coverage of transportation online, in print and through live events, JOC Group Inc. provides customers with critical insights and workflow tools to compete effectively in the global marketplace.


Since 1827, The JOC has been the leading information and marketing services provider for the U.S. domestic and international containerized cargo community.

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PIERS is the most comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade activity in the world providing data and information services to thousands of subscribers globally.

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TPM is highly regarded as the premier, must attend container shipping event, with conferences in North America and Asia each year. Organized by the respected JOC editorial team, the conferences are an intensive, content-rich event including speeches, panel discussions and roundtables featuring many of the most senior executives in the industry as speakers.

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